The learning Pyramid in Primary classes are designed to stimulate students into academic inquisitiveness which helps to grow into a structural phase of learning. The specific areas of learning include Languages (English, Mother Tongue and Hindi), Mathematics, Environmental Studies, Social science, Computer Science, Art and Physical education, Value Education, General Knowledge. The holistic learning fosters culture sensitivity to grow beyond racial, colour, creed, caste and religion. They develop social responsibility with strong communication skills for grooming into a confident and an avid learner.

   The activities accentuate creative thinking, critical thinking, along with cognitive physical, emotional, technical and empathetic skills. The observations and worksheet system of evaluation further allows each child to move in their pace. The department teachers meet every week to review and make amendments for speaking skills, self-esteem exercises, stage performances, events and more. Divergent thinking is enhanced through challenging experiments and activities.


Logical Learning

Rigorous practical exercises occupy the students in challenges with abstract reasoning measuring activities and cognitive abilities. Montessori tools with age appropriate activities blended with creative choices make mathematics concepts more fun for grades 1-5. Mathematical gadgets serve to understand the formulas, dimensions and values explained for different measurements. Math Lab activities rejuvenate the young minds in logical learning.

Experiential Learning

Experiential learning with experiments in labs, through mentoring and guidance connect to logical reasoning for in-depth learning that indoctrinate critical thinking. Individual labs with instruments, equipments and elements for learning of physical science, the chemical reactions and biological specimens benefit the students with easy understanding of concepts. Learning of such concepts through yearly field visits amplifies effective learning. Students themselves create their own learning platforms and engage in creative learning.

Remedial Learning

Students find adhering to the concepts and need further practice in answering the questions. As some would need discussions for refining performance and doubt clearing, more hours in the evening are scheduled for such performers to encourage and motivate better learning.

Audio-Visual Learning

The reading and speaking skill is honed through reading activities that initiates thinking, imagination and analysis among the students. Individual and peer group activities encourage development of writing and speaking skills. Learning tabs serve individual access to enhance Listening Speaking Reading and Writing (LSRW) skills. Phonological learning assists in easy spelling of words and reading.

Vocational Skills

Students explore in digital learning through computer classes and create own pages with the different uses of tools in MS word to draw, present power point presentations, and type assignments. They gain hands-on experience in computer language.

Reading Skills

Every student is encouraged into the habit of reading. Our Library provides them with a multi-facet of elaborate reading books. The story land of books takes the students to wonderland, real facts, augments knowledge. The library is more a homeland of imaginations where their vocabulary power and use of structural language gets widened. Planned strategies to improve reading and comprehending skills are part of library time.

Visual Spatial Skills

Imagination is further augmented through sketching scenes from nature, object drawing, making portraits and transforming lines of poetry into drawings. Art education is given vital importance to develop their creativity.

Extra-curricular Activities

Along with curricular we provide a number of extracurricular activities. Students are free to select the activity of their interest. Activities like: Music, Instruments, Dance, Skating, Drawing, Yoga and so on. Every child is encouraged to learn any of these skills.

Physical Education

Physical activity brings out the innate capacity of every individual. Keeping in View, the different team games like cricket, Table tennis, Basket Ball, Volley Ball, Shuttlecock kabbadi, coco and various traditional games are trained through consistent regular practices daily