Following the teachings of Jesus, who came to give the fullness of life, we, the Sisters of Charity of St. Anne, in the noble mission of education, aim at imparting holistic education to all, especially to the marginalized.

We hope to achieve this by:

  • Igniting the light within,
  • Respecting the sanctity and dignity of every human life,
  • Building a Civilization of Love, Faith, Culture, Values, and Ecological Consciousness,
  • Channelizing the energies of the youth towards character formation and committing themselves to the welfare of the society according to the changing trends,
  • Thus making the universe a better place to live in.


Our education style is carried out with certain pedagogical criteria and a concrete methodological line that promotes:

  • A personalized and open education to everyone.
  • Intellectual development of the person.
  • The cultivation of the affective dimension.
  • The capacity of expression and creativity.