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National Advisory Committee

A report of the National Advisory Committee appointed by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Department Of Education, Govt. of India has stated that: “Board examination, taken at the end of class X and XII, have remained rigid, uninformative and essentially uneducative…”

Continuous And Comprehensive Evaluation

Continuous And Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) refers to a system of school based evaluation of students that covers all aspects of students development.

National Curriculum Framework

Accordingly, National Curriculum Framework – 2005 proposing Examination Reforms gave rise to the scheme of CCE – Continuous And Comprehensive Evaluation which has been adopted by the NCERT and is being practiced in our school.


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The congregation of the Sisters of Charity of St. Anne was founded in the year 1804 by Fr. Juan Bonal and Mother Maria Rafols in the Royal and General Hospital of Lady of Grace of Zaragoza, Spain Their enterprise of education is integrated into educative task of the Church. The educating task of our Congregation takes its shape from the beginning with the dedication of the Sisters to formation of the children in the Foundling Home of Zaragoza and in the Mercy House of Huesca. The Charism confers on us a specific style of education "we educate only out of love" Impelled by the Charism,we live the mission,collaboarating in the formation of the person so that he/she maybe an agent of his / her own development, reach human maturity, freely opt for faith and commit...

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Welcome to Maria Rafols School

I am excited and honored to welcome each and every one of you to the beginning of a new school… Read More

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Sr. Expedit Dennis


Dear Parents, teachers, students and well wishers,
I extend to you all a warm welcome to Maria Rafols School website. I hope this initiation to website will assist in enhancing the school culture furthering the school's growth and evolution, enabling it to interface with the networked world for efficiency .........

Sr. Alice Mary


A warm welcome to MARIA RAFOLS SCHOOL
It is my pleasure to welcome you to one of the finest Educational Institutions. As Parents, selecting a school for your child is one of the most significant decisions you will make. We are strongly committed to ensuring that every day; each and every ......

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