Annual Report 2020-21

The Motto of the School is, “We educate only out of Love”.

Blessed Maria Rafols, the Patroness of this school lived and died for Charity for the poorest and the neediest. She blesses everyone here. We follow her footsteps in giving oneself for the holistic development of the students in our school. This we carry out with certain pedagogical criteria and a concrete methodological line that promotes

A personalized and open education to every one.

Intellectual development of the person

The cultivation of the affective dimension

The capacity of expression and creativity.

The academic year 2020-21 started with LKG to Class VII and with Covid-19 pandemic looming wide. For fear of the pandemic, students have to stay back home and learn from home. Classes were conducted on line.

Parents, Teachers and students Empowerment:

During the PTA meeting, talk was arranged on the Importance of learning in CBSE stream.

One day seminar was arranged  to enlighten our staff about CBSE syllabus, Life skills and the importance of educators in the life of students.

Students were given motivational talks before every class as to how to cope with the present situation and pay attention to the lessons taught on line.

School Competitions: In order to channelize the capacity of expression and creativity, school competitions are held.

Students are allowed to take part in all the co-curricular activities held in the school. These are open to all. Parents and students show lot of interest and with extra enthusiasm and support of the parents, children performed wonderfully well.

We have the following competitions held on line during this academic year.

    • Drawing
    • Fancy Dress
    • Solo Singing
    • Solo Dance
    • Tamil Elocution
    • English Elocution
    • Solo Recitation in Tamil
    • Solo Recitation in English

For all the competitions the topics chosen were regarding the Covid-19.

Functions and celebrations:

It is said that, “ life is a celebration of awakenings of new beginnings and wonderful surprises that enlighten human soul”.

The following events were celebrated.

Independence and Republic days are observed with due respect and honour to the nation. Only the staff and management participated. Flag was hoisted and prayer service was conducted.

Teachers day was celebrated in memory of Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan.

Childrens’ day programme was prepared by the teachers and sent to the students online.

Christmas message was sent to the parents and students on line.

Parents- Teachers Meet

We firmly believe that positive and effective communication between parents and teachers goes a long way in inspiring the efficacy of education. We ensure active participation in the teaching- learning process. The P.T.A executive and general body meet time to time to discuss the progress of their wards and render positive and valuable suggestions for the overall developments of the school.

During this academic year the P.T.A executive body met on 9/10/2020 and 13/03/2021 and discussed about the ways to obtain Recognition and N.O.C from the state government and about the school Affiliation process.

On 17/03/ 2021 the P.T.A general body met. They were informed that the school has got the Recognition and N.O.C from the state government and now the Affiliation process has begun.

S.M.C Meeting:

Meeting was held to discuss about the school Inspection for the school Affiliation. All the requirements were discussed, valuable guidelines and suggestions were given by the members. Planning was done for the day of inspection.

Infrastructure Development:

As per the requirement of CBSE ,everything is done. Play ground, Labs, Library, toilets, fire safety, RO water, Smart class,, Multipurpose hall, Sports room, Infirmary and ramp facility are provided.

Conclusion: Before concluding this report I bow my head in reverence before the Almighty God and express my heart felt gratitude. I am grateful to the management, S.M.C members, the staff- teaching, non-teaching and support staff, parents, students, well- wishers and collaborators for their whole hearted support and co-operation. May God continue to bless us.