The Kids are given a joyful learning ambience of learning embedded with activities that encourage interactive learning.

The faculties of Kindergarten have regular and frequent training sessions for productive instructions on play way method utilizing motor skill development, oral training in communicative skills, creative and enquiry based learning. The annual planner for the kids are reviewed and executed with weekly themes, competitions and celebrations that connect to skill development, confidence building, conversational skills, storytelling skills and singing through reciting rhymes. The aim of Kindergarten is to inculcate the knowledge of Literacy, Numeracy and General Awareness.

The curriculum is thus deliberately planned to nurture the child in all dimensions of his or her life – moral, cognitive, emotional, imaginative, aesthetic, social and physical supported with Montessori and play.


Montessori Learning

The Montessori tools like the pink tower with a set of ten blocks in increasing sizes, puzzles with making of a complete view of objects, Beads of various sizes and arrangements, the knobbed cylinder blocks that are practice for three – finger grip for pencils, add clarity of concepts through sensorial learning and develops independent thinking.

Interactive Learning

The interactive smart boards connect the kids to what they see and hear. It curbs distraction and helps to focus on listening to stories and rhymes. The tools of the smart board give the teachers a wide and rich data base of online resources.

Visual Learning

For the visual learners the teachers use the flash cards for various learning activities like memory activities, drill activities and identification activities along with reading activities and sight reading.

Sensory Activities

The kids here engage in a variety of learning activities related to objects. They easily identify the colours and objects and this activity engages them effectively leading to collaborative learning and sharing. This sensory stimulated activity enhances three dimensional thinking in kids.

Language Development

We emphasize on communication skills because we strongly believe that it is at the kindergarten stage kinds have an increased aptitude in oral learning and language and phonics play a vital role in their learning.


Phonics is used to teach and do easy reading that develops awareness of sound of the alphabets and spelling rules. It assists the kids to hear, identify, and read with the knowledge of patterns (graphemes) that represent the words.

Value Oriented Learning

We instill in kids at an earlier stage the importance of values in one’s life. Every depiction of stories through plays, role play of leaders, characters in stories is collaborative learning during events. The story telling sessions go hand in hand with the characters and the fables, bed time stories and fairy tales narrated in the classroom convey the good value systems.

Indoor Activities

Kids engage in active learning during indoor games and activities. They learn to use their five senses and broaden their mind into visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning.

Gross Motor Activities

The outdoor park has giant gross motor development kits that are an appealing spot to every kid at school. The spiral slides with number displays, the spider web climb play equipments, the hang bars with supporting beams and all set in the lawn and tree shade are beautiful place where all the kids have fun as they engage in gross motor skill activities.

Creative Learning

Squiggling and playing with colours, brushes and paint, sponges and experimenting with colours makes things visual and bring out their imagination. The art instruction helps children to develop their motor skills, language skills and mental ability as they choose colours for the drawn objects and inventiveness. Drawing out an easel is a part of one’s own creations and record of creativity.

Weekly Activities

Weekly activities flag off with kids conducting school assembly on stage. Activities linked with objects from nature, rhymes recitation, theme based moral stories and performances on stage on different topics mark the days more valuable for every child. The weekly activities also involve competitions and special assemblies.