The congregation of the Sisters of Charity of St. Anne was founded in the year 1804 by Fr. Juan Bonal and Mother Maria Rafols in the Royal and General Hospital of Lady of Grace of Zaragoza, Spain

            Their enterprise of education is integrated into educative task of the Church.

The educating task of our Congregation takes its shape from the beginning with the dedication of the Sisters to formation of the children in the Foundling Home of Zaragoza and in the Mercy House of Huesca.

The Charism confers on us a specific style of education “we educate only out of love”

Impelled by the Charism,we live the mission,collaboarating in the formation of the person so that he/she maybe an agent of his / her own development, reach human maturity, freely opt for faith and commit himself/herself in the building up of a more just and fraternal society based on truth, peace and love.

We carry out this Ministry from different educating levels and fields.

            The mission of education of the Sisters of Charity of St. Anne is profiled right from the earliest times by the dedication of the first Sisters to the formation of the first children in the Founding Home of Zaragoza and in the Misericordia in Huesca (1807).

            Faithful to the charism of Charity of our Founders, we participate in this mission, collaborating in the formation of the person so that he becomes an agent of his own development, so that he reaches human maturity, he opts freely for the faith and he commits himself to the construction of a more just and fraternal society based on truth, peace, and love.

We want to carry it out:

  • with an attitude of welcome acceptance of all and preferential treatment to the most needy,
  • In a disposition of constant service, carried out with simplicity, austerity and joy,
  • with a generous and permanent surrender, trusting in the capacity of the person for improvement and progress,
  • harmonizing energy with goodness, in a simple and delicate manner that helps the students to feel as though they are in family, with a universal charity, made hospitality, up to heroism.
  1. Curriculum

         The school follows the syllabus prescribed by the central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi. The Curriculum is designed to develop the child in activities and extracurricular activities.

  2. Computer Education

         As we are living in an era of accelerating changes, in an era of globalization and information technology, the school exposes the children to computer education from Std. I to Std X.

  3. Sports

        Maria Rafols School provides a wide repertoire of sporting options to our students to grow strongly and happily with a certain degree of competitive spirit.

  4. Extracurricular Activities

         Maria Rafols School gives great importance to extracurricular activities. We try to draw out the best in the student helping him / her to develop all the skills and talents.

    Class: I – IX         : Classical Dance (Bharatanatyam), Western Dance , Karate , Keyboard.

    Class: II – IX        : Vocal Music.

    Class: VI – IX       : Musical Band.

  5. Co-curricular Activities
    • Literary Club (Tamil & English)
    • Eco Club
    • Maths Club
    • Science Club
    • Social Science Club