A warm welcome to MARIA RAFOLS SCHOOL

         It is my pleasure to welcome you to one of the finest Educational Institutions. As Parents, selecting a school for your child is one of the most significant decisions you will make. We are strongly committed to ensuring that every day; each and every student receives the extraordinary care that is the aim of MARIA RAFOLS SCHOOL. At MARIA RAFOLS SCHOOL, it is our mission to provide each student an exemplary educational experience with an International perspective.

  Following the teachings of our leader, who came to give the fullness of life, we, the Sisters of Charity of St. Anne, in the noble mission of education, aim at imparting holistic education to all, especially to the marginalized.

  We hope to achieve this by igniting the light within, respecting the sanctity and dignity of every human life, building a civilization of love, faith, culture, values and ecological consciousness, channelizing the energies of the youth towards character formation and committing themselves to the welfare of the society according to the changing trends, thus making the universe a better place to live in.

  MARIA RAFOLS SCHOOL Campus is recognized for their hallmark initiatives in educational excellence, environment conservation, peace and value-based education, and community integration. Our students will receive a broad exposure through participation in diverse school activities and external programs, offering fruitful opportunities for learning and over all personality development. Students, who attend MARIA RAFOLS SCHOOL, can compete successfully with the best students in the world.

  In addition, they exhibit strong character, leadership, resiliency and show compassion for others. We are committed to ensuring that MARIA RAFOLS SCHOOL students not only get a good education, but their experience with us will change their life! I am honestly inspired by the possibilities that lay before our school this year and in the years to come.

Wish you, all the best.

Sr. Alice Mary